Collaboration is the new competition.

This past week, I attended a conference called Partnering for Cures.  It was a weird and interesting experience seeing some of the people who I have met over the past year converge and talk in the same room.   I never thought I’d see Dr. Susan Love and Nancy Brinker share the stage – but it happened.  I think this is a historic step forward for the breast cancer movement. It’s time for breast cancer charities to work together rather than compete.  Here is the talk….

I’m glad  I was there to see this happen….because it needed to happen.  I had the chance to meet Dr. Susan Love!!




  1. Andrea…

    All I can say is that it was such an honor and a pleasure to be seated beside you for what I see as a wonderful new beginning.

    Much love,


  2. LOVE THIS! Susan Love is a heroine.

    I just wish that Brinker would shift her Pink Brigade from feel-good bullcrap to research funding. Screw paying lawyers, pay some SCIENTISTS.

    Collaboration is the only way to get there. For that, burn the pink ribbons and do something REAL.

  3. AnnMarie, Amen to that! A toast to new beginnings ( :

  4. Thanks Casey! I think the best part of this conference was having the chance to meet with scientists and talk about how the system in fundraising for a ’cause’, the research process, and the process for drug discovery all needs to change in some fundamental ways. So much work to be done!

  5. Great post and great blog. Found you through Teri Smieja. Keep up the great work!

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