Went to the Beach….Decided to Write About My Breasts

Last Friday I was laid off from my job.  As if that wasn’t enough of a kick in the groin,  I am about to have a double mastectomy in July, to prevent myself from getting breast cancer.  After hearing the news that my immediate future career plans had just vanished, my first reaction was:  thank god my husband has health insurance…did they (i.e. my former employer) even think about what would happen to me if I couldn’t pay for the surgery?   My second reaction was: The only person I will work for next is….myself.  Third reaction was:  I needed to stare at the ocean for a while, and make sense of things.

So that very day my husband and I escaped to the beach.  This is a picture Matt took, just as I was thinking to myself:  I have nothing left to lose.  Why not write about what comes next?  So, here we are.


  1. Love this pic! You look happy!

  2. The beach is so excellent for deep thought. Thank you again for sharing!

  3. I can’t stop crying. I’m so sorry for what happened to you and your family. I am amazed by your upbeat attitude and strength to write this blog. Thank you for sharing, for making us appreciate every day, healthcare, wonderful husbands, sweet dogs and of course the rest of the network of friends & family that make up our good fortune. I wish you all the best a swift, painless and complete recovery. I have a friend who did have the genes BRCA 1 or 2 and opted to preemptively remove both breasts. It was the darkest year I’ve seen her have but she closed herself off from everyone. GOOD FOR YOU that you are letting in the light and love by sharing here. I love you. Shakti

  4. Hi Shakti! Thank you so much for visiting my blog, and for your very kind words. It really means a lot!

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